On Day 1, participants identified and categorized feed technology options

The resulting table is below:

Feed Technologies Matrix



Introducing new feeds (on farm)
Green fodder (eg napier) as supplement on extra land (bunds)

High yielding fodder

Demonstrate the potential of under-utilized feed (eg maize stover)

Cowpea or lablab
Forage legume trees

Azolla as feed
Over sowing legumes in natural grazing lands

Better use of existing (on farm)
Strategic harvesting (topping etc)

Pasture improvement
Chopping of maize straw

Introduce fodder chopper

Improve combine harvesters for better straw recovery
New cereal variety with better straw quality

Urea treatment of straw

Utilizing low quality forage through treatment

Silage making

Feed conservation

Grass silage

Enrichment of poor quality roughage


Supplement with green fodder

Supplement with area specific minerals

Access more better (through markets)
Agro-industrial byproducts

Enriched feed brickets urea + molasses tree forages and minerals

Harvesting grass etc from communal land (as a business)

Compact feed block

Bypass protein

Bypass fat

Bypass starch

Mineral lick block

Balanced cattle feed

Targeted use of bought-in concentrates

Small scale baling technology

Box baler

Complete feed

Urea molasses blocks