'Take-away' messages from the event

In a final session, participants shared what they learned during the Dehra Dun workshop:

  • There was a lot of congruity between the 3 working groups, which makes me confident a robust toll will be developed
  • Keep it simple!
  • Exceeded expectation
  • I’m not going to wait for the final version; I will take forward the current version with NGO partners and share our experiences
  • I was previously confused by FEAST, but now understand this tool better
  • We must increase efficiency of feed usage
  • Initially I was not clear what sort of tool we were looking for: now I am very clear what the tool looks like
  • The tool we have developed can be used, but there is still work to be done
  • I didn’t previously appreciate how much could be achieved
  • The multi-disciplinary group enabled learning and allowed me to see things from different perspectives
  • I didn’t have any hope we would achieve something feasible: the structure of the tool alone will help us
  • Initially I was confused: what sort of tool was it? But a combination of creativity and expert knowledge enabled us to make real progress and I now have a good picture of what TechFit is and I will be using it in my work
  • I was hesitant that I should come – but I can see this is relevant to my work in the EADD project, although need to do some more ground work before it will be clear that the tool is useful
  • It is essential to simplify the tool as much as possible: balancing simplicity while still being rigorous is the challenge
  • Different backgrounds and experiences of participants was very useful
  • I was sceptical about the tool before; now I am enthused although I maintain a healthy scepticism. A worry is, are we re-inventing the wheel in some respects – are we accessing the resources, tools, information that is already out there?
  • Technology selection was ad hoc before – this is a good start to being more systematic
  • Initially we said the audience for the tool was development workers and researchers, but this seems to have shifted towards development workers as primary audience. Perhaps we need two tools: one for development workers and a m ore complex one for researchers
  • This was a workshop waiting to happen. The energy that was apparent during the workshop was a combination of how important participants rate this issue, their creativity and having the right people in the room. This is exactly what CGIAR scientists should be doing: applying their knowledge and making it applicable for development workers

They also identified workshop 'goods' and 'bads':

What was good
What could have been better
Few Powerpoint presentations
Weather forecast
Field trip
Internet access
Friendly hotel
Little exercise eg no swimming pool
Group work
Minor things in hotel
Good weather
Partner logistics
3 groups providing 3 perspectives on the same issues
Field trip far away and limited time


Perfect organisational logistics


Nice mix of nice people

Right size group

Gender balance OK


We have a product and way forward