The TechFit tool - scoring the interventions and applying filters

At the May 2013 workshop in Addis, scoring was carried out by a group of feed and animal nutrition scientists with experience in smallholder livestock feeding and production systems in Africa, Central and South America, and Southeast and South Asia. Prior to the workshop, Harinder Makkar, Adugna Tolera and Werner Stur, independently scored interventions and these scores were used as a starting point for discussions by the group. The potential of each intervention to mitigate feed scarcity and quality, and its potential impact on animal production was discussed for different animal types, and production and farming systems. The group also scored the requirement of each intervention in terms of land, labour, capital, input delivery and knowledge. There were rich discussions, as the group compared experiences with the range of interventions in different parts of the world, and reached consensus on scores. techfit_scoring_changes_july2013.docx (July 2013)

Actions (May 2013)

column descriptions needed - Keith
Row descriptions needed - that can be associated with the factsheets. ['adopt a row' approach'?]
Pre-test / sensitivity analysis - Eduardo / Jane Poole
Test with 'new' FEAST - through Africa RISING...?
Validate with additional experts [alan, no rsh, look for opportunities where feed people gather]

Latest version:

Jan 2014:

Padmakumar and others did some work on the scoring system at a workshop in Hyderabad in Dec 2013. Water availability was added as a context variable. The latest version is here:

techfit score sheet Jan 2014 (water included)

22 July 2013:

Previous versions:

18 April 2013: Techfit with all filters for scoring 180413.xlsx