Follow up applications of the model/template

SEPTEMBER 2011: INITIAL Workshop in Dehra Dun

OCTOBER 2011: UTTARAKHAND. Padma: We went ahead with adaptation of the tool to suit the Uttarakhand context. Standard values for the technology attributes were arrived after consultation with feed technology experts in NDRI (Dr Kundu, Dr Kaur). The trial version of the tool was mock tested with inputs from Nils and Arindam and final version was prepared for application in Uttarakhand. On 7th October 2011, we could facilitate application of the the final version (TechFit - ELKS version) of the tool in Uttarakhand in discussion with our partners (Himmotthan, MVDA, HGVA, GVK). It is found that we could complete the exercise with no hurdles (took 2.5 Hrs) and finally came up with four technologies from the long list (please see the applied version attached). We skipped FEAST as it has already been conducted in the village and hence we used that information. Similarly cost benefit analysis of the four short listed technologies were not attempted as this is planned after discussion with farmers in the region. Though the partners expressed that it is very simple, easy to apply and user-friendly, we are sure that it can further be improved. Therefore, we request you to provide your valuable inputs, comments and feedback so that we can further refine the tool for using it in the other regions.

JANUARY 2012: ETHIOPIA. Techfit tool tested as part of ELF project

APRIL 2012: ETHIOPIA. Techfit tool tested as part of quickfeeds project