Workshop to Develop a Tool for Feed Technology Screening and Prioritisation

19-22 September 2011, Dehra Dun, India

Why this workshop?

The objective is to develop and field test an analytical framework tool that can be used to: (i) collect (ii) structure (iii) screen and (iv) prioritise possible feed technologies and interventions using a set of general approaches, generic classifications and critical parameters from multiple angles (technical, institutional, social and economic) in various contexts..

The results of the workshop and the field testing will be condensed into a booklet suitable for wider distribution and application. It will contain the justification, the approaches/methodology and some application examples of how the technology prioritisation tool can be used.

The aim is to move beyond a mere concept but rather develop a prototype tool, which can then be tested and further improved in the various upcoming research activities.

More Background

Agenda with links to outputs
TechFit prototype frameworks
Group work on technology options (with documents, presentations etc)
Group work on uptake factors
Workshop review
Follow up actions
Field Trips