Action List

Pending actions following the TechFit workshop
Dehradun, India, 19-22 September 2011

At the end of the workshop the following actions were agreed.

It was agreed that the revised version of the TechFit tool would be completed by beginning November 2011

1. There is a preliminary step to determine whether livestock and feed are the priority issues. FEAST may be a suitable tool for this step

2. Biophysical requirements:
a. Review whether this is located in the correct position in the sequence of activities
b. Consider whether SOFT may be a suitable tool for this step

3. Consider integrating FEAST into the Context Measures

4. Technologies:
a. Develop a format for the technology ‘factsheets’
b. Draft 12 examples of technology specific factsheets with indicative scoring
c. Explore modalities for establishing a wiki to enable others to add their technologies to the database

5. Review the fit between the entire TechFit tool and FEAST

6. Consider how the quality, quantity, seasonality categorisation can be handled better

7. Review the options for integrating context and technology scores and select the most appropriate

8. Consider how TechFit could be adapted/used to do ‘what if’ scenarios in which key constraining context scores change

9. Consider whether it is possible/desirable to consider impact/benefit of technologies prior to the socio-economic evaluation step

10. Review options to simplify conversion of context measures to scores to reduce/eliminate need for expert knowledge

11. Develop a new version of TechFit integrating the best features of the 3 working groups outputs and the above actions

12. Make TechFit available for testing and establish system to capture users experience

13. The champions assigned to these various tasks are:
a. Niels – context/scoring
b. Alan – fit with FEAST
c. Ben – technology format and exemplars
d. Keith – text describing TechFit objective, approach and intended use etc
e. Peter – how to ensure continuing feedback from tests of the framework