Action list

Updated after the May 2013 workshop in Addis Ababa

Overall coordination, budgets etc
Alan, PeterT, Michael Blummel

Generate updated overall process/flow diagram
Done. May also need description of overall scope/boundaries as part of the manual.
Modify the FEAST tool to generate 'context score of attributes and filters' for techfit

Update FEAST materials online

Test 'new' FEAST with techfit

Create online FEAST aggregator
Alan, Ben, Jane, Brigitte

FEAST ‘user meeting’

Finalise an 'adoptability' protocol and process description/checklist
PeterT, Brigitte, Biruk

Devise/Finalise/Test a ‘rapid’ easy to use CBA approach/tool

Set up some CBA pilots (a few interventions, across species/filers, easy/not easy)
Isabelle, Padma

Nicholas, Babara, Isabelle, ...

Finalise the expert scoring of interventions

Capture reasoning, document scoring process, finalise all row and column descriptions

Sensitivity analysis and Testing
Werner, Alan, Adugna, Harinder, others

Eduardo, Jane Poole
July 2013 version
Develop a manual
Padma, Adugna, Keith

Devise next generation tool design
PeterT, Alan, Padma, Nils

Techfit testing in different projects and locations