On the first morning we asked participants to write cards responding to the question:

What I want from this workshop …

User-friendly analytical tool for technology prioritization
Distil collective expertise into something that is generically useful for development communities
Thoughts towards developing a systematic framework for technology/knowledge introduction
A set of criteria to guide TechFit
Techfit tool which may talk about decision making know-how at farmers’ level
Building blocks designed from which the ‘tool’ can be built
Practical and systematic tool that works
Screening of appropriate technology adaptation and scale up of selected technologies
A framework to select appropriate technologies for intervention
A structure/checklist for speeding up shortlisting interventions
Tool box for technologies that even out feed availability
Fitting feed technologies with biophysical, economic and institutional context
Decision and prioritization of feed technology should be based on socioeconomic condition of farmers

Ideas for mountain regions
Connect to future partners within milkIT project
Practical metrics
Sharing experiences with Indian counterparts on appropriate technologies for small scale dairy producers